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What can I do with an economics/finance degree?

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Earning an undergraduate degree in economics will prepare you for a career that can range from governmental policymaking to advising businesses on best practices, because you are an expert in the global forces that determine how markets affect our daily lives. With your degree, you are equipped for a career in banking, public policy, sales and insurance, or higher education in economics, law or business. The study of economics is so intertwined with other disciplines that you will emerge from the program with a comprehensive understanding of how economic activity shapes our world.  


With an undergraduate degree in finance, you can pursue a career as an analyst, advisor or planner for businesses, banks, individuals and governments. Finance is a field that requires both strong analytical thinking as well as sensible personal judgment, and you’ll learn the theories and processes that will allow you to thrive in an environment that changes every day. Because every organization needs financial guidance, your skills will serve you well as a manager, director or even CFO of a company.

Insurance & Risk Management

As a graduate of the Insurance & Risk Management program, you can work as a risk analyst or agent, consulting companies, businesses, non-profit organizations, or government agencies on risk management strategies. You can have a hand in financial planning for organizations or individuals, as well as claims adjusting, planning, financial management, and underwriting for insurance companies. You can focus on measuring and identifying the broad risks an organization must confront, or concentrate on a single, specific area. It's a discipline that combines financial finesse, attention to detail, and strong quantitative skills.